Funding the Education of the Next Generation of African American Leaders in Dallas Supporting Pro Bono Legal Service Organizations Working in Our Community

​​ The J.L. Turner Legal Association Foundation 

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 J.L. Turner Legal Association Foundation is not a law firm.  The Foundation does not provide any legal services itself. The Foundation does not represent individuals, groups or corporations in legal matters. If you need assistance with a pending legal matter, you will have to seek legal representation from an attorney in whatever state that you might live in. The Foundation cannot be retained as your attorney under any circumstances, and will not represent you in any legal matters.

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Meetings of the Board of Directors are held at the Arts District Mansion

2101 Ross Avenue, Dallas, Texas 75201

Mailing Address:

J.L. Tuner Legal Association Foundation

P.O. Box 130987

Dallas, Texas 75313-0987


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