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JLTLA - Our sister organization - What they do

Different organization with Common membership serving different purposes

J.L. Turner Legal Association ("JLTLA"), is the African-American bar association in Dallas, Texas which was founded in 1952. Although, the Foundation, which was founded in 1996 and JLTLA share a similar name, JLTLA does have a different purpose from the Foundation.  JLTLA members created the Foundation to pursue charitable donations.

The Foundation is the 501(c)(3) public charities that raises tax deductible donations to fund (a) legal scholarships for law students and paralegals and increase the number of African-American lawyers and paralegals, (b) pre-law school educational enrichment activities oriented around law to inspire students to choose law as a profession, (c) pro bono legal service organizations targeted toward minority community, (d) selective training for practicing lawyers to develop the skills to provide the pro bono legal services, and (e) to a lesser extent, other general educational and charitable activities. The Foundation's members (who are also members of JLTLA) will often staff some of the training sessions funded by the Foundation, particularly those organized by JLTLA.  The Foundation hosts an Annual Scholarship and Awards Gala. Donations made to the Foundation are tax deductible.

JLTLA, a professional bar association that is a certified provider of continuing legal education seminars for its members and other Texas lawyers, provides to the general public a directory of practicing African-American lawyers in the DFW Metroplex, organize, staff and conducts workshops in underserved Dallas neighborhoods on general topics of law, provides attorney mentors for law student in the Dallas area, has an active paralegal section  and engages in some community service activities. Even prior to its formal incorporation in 1975, JLTLA existed as an unincorporated association of individual African-American lawyers who developed distinguished records of civil rights pro bono legal service through their separate law firms. JLTLA is not a recognized public charity under federal tax laws and therefore contributions to it are not tax deductible.  Payments made to JLTLA will not entitle the donor to a receipt from the Foundation for charitable tax deduction purposes.

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Funding the Education of the Next Generation of African American Leaders in Dallas
Supporting Pro Bono Legal Service Organizations Working in Our Community