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                                                        DFW to DC    

DFW to DC gives an opportunity for local minority DFW students to experience their government in action in the nation’s capital by participating in a 6 day national enrichment program involving students throughout the country.

From visits to Washington’s famous monuments, memorials, and institutions, to meetings with their Congressional delegation on Capitol Hill, DFW to DC students get a first-hand look at the American political system and consider what role they, as students, play in our democracy. DFW to DC is not just a tour, nor is it just a series of lectures. DFW to DC takes what students learn in the classroom and brings it to life! DFW to DC really does make learning fun! Throughout the week, students explore DC and interact with students from all across the country participating in the nationwide program. With the help of the national program instructors, students consider how the people and events represented in DC’s memorials impact their lives today.

As a non-profit, non-partisan organization, DFW to DC helps students learn more about their history and government while considering a variety of viewpoints. This keeps students interested, informed, and engaged. DFW to DC students also get face to face with Washington insiders that play a key role in the American political system. Our seminar panels often include lobbyists, journalists, and members of the Armed Forces. These instrumental political players take time to answer questions from students and explain more about how they impact government and policy. Additionally, our weekly ‘hot topics’ debate pits guest speakers - a liberal and a conservative- against one another as students moderate the debate and get involved in issues important to them.